Irish Genealogy Research Project

Many Sturgeons can trace their ancestry to Samuel Sturgeon who emigrated from Ireland to central Pennsylvania about 1730.  Our Association has hosted Sturgeons from Northern Ireland at our reunions and in 1999 many American Sturgeons participated in a Sturgeon Family History Conference in Newcastle, Northern Ireland.  Despite these personal ties, the exact genealogical links between the American and Irish Sturgeons have not been defined.  In 2003, our Association initiated the Irish Genealogy Research Project to try to trace these links.  The preliminary investigation indicates that further progress requires more detailed information about our ancestors’ journeys to America…the identity of parishes where they resided in Northern Ireland, ports from which they embarked, ships and landing points in America.  If you would like to participate in this search or have information that could pinpoint the search, please share with the Association.  Jack Sturgeon, Association Secretary, serves as a clearinghouse for information.  Contact him at